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Engineering & Consultancy

IMSC > Engineering & Consultancy
  • (Basic and detailed) engineering services 
  • (MC) project management for PC projects of holding industries
  • In-site and high technical supervision for executive operations, installation, pre-commissioning, and operation tests
  • Preparation and presentation of tender documents based on drawing/ standard/ contract documents/ design documents
  • Scientific and statistical examination of technical (T.B.E) and financial (C.B.E) bids offered in domestic or foreign tenders
  • Consultation for the selection of suppliers of goods and equipment for the projects from domestic or foreign resources
  • Provision of legal consultation services
  • cooperation with State Fuel Consumption Optimization
  • Comprehensive studies for environmental effects resulting from activities conducted onshore and offshore
  • Preparation of databank for determination of indices and condition of energy consumption in industrial units and complexes
  • Feasibility study for construction/development projects in the form of FEED activities
  • Design and approval of packages for route design, piping, and cathodic protection of transfer lines
  • Comparing the condition of documents, technical documents, and standards with the current operational condition
  • Development of internal instructions and regulations based on reputable international standards